Terms & Conditions

The items on the website are crafted by me. I utilize a variety of patterns, including modifying them. I do not take credit for the patterns I use.

Pictures and products seen are taken by me, or someone that I have asked. None of the products are of other people’s work. Please note, I am not a photographer, and my pictures might not be to the level of a professional photographer. I crochet, which is my specialty. Pictures may not be used without my written permission. 


All products have a clear description, including size, yarn type, and any other products used with them. I am not responsible for any allergic reactions to the fabric or what they are cleaned with. I clean all items in baby safe, no perfume laundry detergent. If you would rather your items to not be washed please indicate that in your order. If you place a custom order, please indicate if you have any allergies to fabrics or yarns such as but not limited to wool, alpaca, satin, acrylic, sugar cane, etc. Most items are made with acrylic yarn unless otherwise specified.
Colors do vary, as there are many different shades and types of yarn. If you specify a color I will do my best to get close, but remember that working with yarn is like working with an infinite box of crayons, and I cannot guarantee the exact shade you’d like.

All payment must be made through PayPal and shipping is to the address provided.


Regular shipping with confirmation through the USPS is $5.00 per item. Any other shipping options, including rush shipping, will be at an additional cost. 


All sales are final. If you have special ordered an item you will receive a photo to the item before shipment.